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    Lex van Someren is a Dutch artist, who currently lives in the German city Baden-Baden. Lex is an internationally renowned visionary performance artist, musician, singer-songwriter, dancer and clown. He is a virtuoso at expressing the dimensions of the soul through his art.

    His work is a reflection of his vision and calling to use his unique performance art, his music, his concerts and his seminars to open a space for the soul and to invite people of all ages and from all walks of life, to join him for an integrated inner experience.

    For many, Lex and his work are the ultimate expression of modern day spirituality.

    As a teacher, he also conveys his art and inner awareness in a practical manner. Lex offers an enticing mix of ancient wisdom combined with contemporary expressive elements.

    Up to 2015, Lex has composed, produced and distributed 35 CD’s under his own production label, Ayam Visionary Art Productions. His music has gained worldwide recognition amongst doctors, therapists, healers and (yoga)teachers for its deeply inspiring, healing and highly energetic vibrations.
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    The Singer

    His life path led Lex van Someren through the spiritual dimensions of music and sound. By continuously developing the magical powers of his beautiful singing voice and through the composition of his own music pieces, Lex discovered a unique way in which he could use music as a medium to awaken the soul.

    Within his incomparable vocal range, sonic elements from many era’s and cultures merge. With gentle tones as well as strong vocal cords, Lex’s voice, which carries a range of four octaves, sings directly to the hearts of his listeners. He performs most of his songs in a melodic syllable flow that he calls the language of his soul, which allows a global interpretation. The warmth and delicacy of the highest and lowest ranges of his voice and his melodic whistling, embedded in the beautiful sounds of sensitive instrumental arrangements, transcend the deepest part of his listener’s hearts.

    Lex also sings a wide array of mantras. Mantras are sacred vocal expressions that originate from various cultures and religions, with a simple repetitive text that reminds us of the divine source within ourselves. Singing mantras is a widely practiced means of meditation throughout the world.

    Listeners wrote:

    „A sound artist, that touches you in a healing way with his music and his voice. “

    „Never have I heard a men’s voice as lovely as his! Truly magnificent, balm for the soul, heavenly, visionary, wonderful …“

    „Lex is a shaman, one who heals wounds with his music and singing. “

    „This incredible sonic magician has touched me in the deepest core of my heart and soul with his music and voice. “

    The Composer

    Accompanied by his congenial composer and musical arranger Frank Steiner, Lex composes the majority of his songs himself. Since 1994, these two musicians have established an intensive collaboration and friendship, which has resulted in the production of a multitude of CD’s and concert projects and will continue to do so in the future.

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    The Dancer

    On stage, Lex van Someren excites the audience with a flowing mixture of far-eastern Tai-Chi movements and his own unique way of moving and dancing. Lex the dancer, acts from his presence in the here and now. With the pelvis as a center of all life force, a stream of expansive, boundless and yet fully concentrated arm movements emerge. Movements that seem to float in the room, almost as if it were not the physical body dancing, but the immaterial soul. This way, the dancer transcends realms that are not touched by gravity. Healing contemplation alternates with contagious vitality, subtle lightness makes room for intense force: the performance becomes a mirror for the sonic artistry of Lex van Someren.

    A journalist wrote the following about him:

    Lex van Someren is one of the most multi- facetted and extraordinary live artists in the central-European realm. Originating from the Netherlands, Lex van Someren currently lives in Baden-Baden and enchants audiences all over Europe. In over 35 CD’s, various DVD’s and during his performances and concerts, this artist demonstrates his huge range of artistic skills. Whether he performs in small, intimate events or on the big stage, during open-air concerts or in theaters, alone or with fellow artists, he always manages to ignite the flame in his audience.

    Music that touches you

    Through his amazing skills as a singer, performance artist, composer and dancer, the person and artist Lex van Someren manages to take his audience on an enlightened, heavenly journey. His music touches the heart and soul!

    Like no other, sonic artist Lex van Someren understands the art of expressing his inner world, his thoughts, his feelings and visions in front of an audience. With his music, the sound of his voice that ranges across four octaves and his incomparable stage presence, he opens a window to his soul. He is convinced that those who truly open themselves to his art and music and allow themselves to be touched by his compositions and songs, will come home to their own true essence. Listeners are invited to enjoy the true inner peace that his music and singing brings and revive their spirits in the midst of hectic times.

    Along with the language of his soul - a melodic syllable flow – but also with Sanskrit Mantra texts or an Ave Maria sung in Latin as well as German songs with deeply inspiring texts, Lex opens extraordinary sonic spaces, that allow plenty of room for improvisation.

    Lex van Someren: „Like I try to express the dimensions of my soul within my art, I would like to encourage my audience to open the gates to their own creative inner source."

    His music is a true reflection of the multifaceted person that he is. While some of his works are marvelously entertaining and stimulating, others are meant to have a more meditative and healing effect. Some of his songs invite you to sing along, while others captivate the audience with their amazing symphonic compositions. Many meditative groups and yoga schools work with his CD‘s, and alternative practitioners, healers and doctors alike implement his music into their therapies. Although the different musical styles vary widely, their common theme is a boundless positive attitude towards life.

    Lex van Someren: „Music, sounds and tones possess the power to activate and change energies and atmospheres. It is my goal to use music and song as a tool to unleash self-healing powers – which means, to restore the natural equilibrium in ourselves.“

    Lex van Someren’s music consists mainly of his own compositions or novel interpretations of existing musical arrangements. He continuously picks up ancient sacred chants or so-called mantras from all over the globe and transmits these into his own soul world. By doing this, he lends them a completely new, fresh and appealing expression. Elements of classical musical are as much a part of his work as pop, jazz, new age and ambient. Often, the mixture of these styles creates complex sound carpets that never cease to surprise, as new elements arise every time you listen to them.

    - Brigitte Janoschka -

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    Lex as a mystical Clown

    From 1980 to 1997, Lex van Someren performed as a theatre clown for audiences throughout the European continent. During the initial years, he delighted the younger generation with his exceptional and heartwarming clownery. From 1990 onward, he specialized in clown theatre for adults of all ages!

    Lex has shared his experiences acquired as a clown in over 2000 performances with a multitude of people through his international seminars and the professional course „The sacred Art of Clowning“. From 1997 onward, Lex has concentrated mainly on his music and concerts and occasionally presents his clownesque artistry during concerts and large performances like „Lex van Someren’s Dream Journey“, which he internationally toured with from 2007 until 2014.

    Lex presents clownery as a natural, yet sacred and healing form of art, in which silence and „nothingness“ (the void) serve as an inspirational source for spontaneous improvisation on stage.

    Nourished by his sense of the unity of things, this clown returns time and time again to the simplicity of ’being’.

    With a surprising lightness he plays with the awareness of the mundane and the human soul. He grants familiarity to the unknown and turns the unknown into familiarity. His humor, his inspiration and his life experience have turned him into a wise fool, his openness serves as a mirror to the world around him. With great passion and respect, Lex van Someren the clown incorporates his audience into his performance.

    Two statements from renowned fellow artists about this clown:

    • „This reminds me of Chekov - so delicate and concentrated. It demonstrates an inner liveliness that is not of this world. This is sacred theater at its highest level." - Paula Morel, ballet dancer -

    • „It is pure poetry. This clown is a „child of paradise“, and we all long to return to this happy place. His magic melts even the most frozen hearts. “- Kathleen Raine, poet -